About Us

Aligning Your Health With Exceptional Chiropractic Care

Feel better with chiropractic care from our clinic in Mason, Ohio. Live Well Chiropractic Center offers preventative health services with a focus on nutrition, exercise, and spinal health to help treat and prevent pain and injury. With Dr. Kimberly Muhlenkamp’s extensive understanding of body mechanics, you are sure to feel better after visiting our chiropractic care center.

Chiropractic Care
Live Well Chiropractic Center provides you with an initial consultation to ensure that you are eligible for chiropractic care and that our services will benefit you. If you are a candidate for care, we’ll schedule future appointments to help you restore proper range of motion while also determining a active rehab routine to strengthen weak or overworked areas of your body.

Chiropractic is for everyone!
Regular chiropractic adjustments do more than just treat symptoms.  They address the underlying causes of health problems, even before symptoms show up.  Regular care can also reduce or eliminate pain, increase athletic and daily performance, improve the body's ability to heal, manage stress, strengthen immune system and help you feel vibrant and full of life.