Lindsay S. - Patient

“Prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Kim, I suffered with severe lower back pain for five years. Long car rides, sitting on bleachers, and golfing were all very uncomfortable. The pain started throughout my lower back and traveled up my spine. Chiropractic has changed my life for the better.  I am pain free and can now do the things I enjoy. Dr. Kim’s professionalism is shown throughout her work as she promotes a high standard of care using a holistic approach.”

Bernadette H. - Patient

“Dr. Kim is fantastic. She knows how to relate to her patients and help them get on the right path to being heathier. She has relieved pain in my lower back, hips, legs and neck and has coached me on strategies to help increase flexibility and range of motion. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to treat or prevent pain. She even did a wonderful job working with my 2 and 4 year old boys. My sons love to get adjusted and are on thier way to preventative care at a young age. Thanks Dr. Kim.”


As I slammed on my breaks to make the stop sign that I didn't see, I turned my head to check on my two children in their car seats. At that very moment I did something to my neck that is indescribable beside the fact that is was very painful. My family doctor recommended pain relievers and to possibly see a chiropractor.

 That was a problem, I really don't see chiropractors. I had once for like 3 sessions, wasn't really my thing. However, with the unbearable pain in my neck and being 6 months pregnant, I had no choice.

 Finding Dr. Kim, from Live Well, I made my first appointment with both kids in tow. Talking to Dr. Kim about my history of my bosy and births of my girls, she was ready to help with the pain in my neck. Within days, I was feeling better as she worked out my neck and adjusted my back.

 As my due date came and went, I had seen Dr. Kim multiple times for my neck and back adjustments. As I went into labor with my third child and with no epidural, although not by choice, I didn't think I was in labor because I had no back pain. With my other children, my back labor was the worse part that I demanded an epidural. It wasn't until after my fast delivery that I realized that I had no back labor and contribute that solely to Dr. Kim.

 Dr. Kim is one of the most knowledgable doctors when it comes to birthing chiropratic practice. I know this because I am a clear statistic. I have no explanation of having three identical pregnancies and all relatively fast deliveries and the one contributing factor was this was my only delivery without back labor. Thank you Dr. Kim and staff for your genuine service to others.

Peggy F. - Patient

I was at little apprehensive when I first when in to see Dr. Kim with all my aliments.  I have a diverse medical history that includes back surgery, foot and ankle problems, shoulder stiffness and a host of several other problems I though were just a sign of getting old(er).  During my initial consultation with Dr. Kim, she was able to identify several of the underlying issues that seem to the root of most of my problems.  After one month of adjustments and working with her on some prevention techniques, I can really tell the difference and I feel so much better! Thanks Dr. Kim!

Raphael Castro, Doctor of Chiropractic, Third World Benefit

“I have worked with many doctors but few show the level of care and compassion that Kimberly shows to her patients. She truly does treat every patient as if they were a family member. I would recommend any of my patients to her in a heart beat and know that they were in the best hands.”

Ryan H.

Having grown up with an Uncle who is a chiropractor, I tend to be critical of any new chiropractor. Dr. Kim is an amazing chiropractor and really goes above and beyond to treat her patients. I have seen Dr. Kim now for 5 months, for regular adjustments and to treat pain from an accident. She always helps me feel better. I continue to recommend her to my friends & family. Don’t tell my Uncle, but she may even be better than him!

Scott N. - Student, Life University

“Kimberly is passionate about providing the correct care for any patient she attends to. Since meeting Kimberly, she continues to expand her knowledge of chiropractic to better herself and those that she is around. The knowledge that she has and the skills she has learned allow her to have an all encompassing understanding of what she is dealing with and how to appropriately tend to her patients best interests.”

Tom L. - Patient

“Doctor Kimberly Muhlenkamp is the first chiropractor I have ever been to in my life. As property of the US Air Force for 20 years I was forbidden from seeking any type of chiropractic care even though pulling 7+ Gs all the time twisted me into a pretzel. I could have really used her services back then. She has explained to me for the first time how chiropractic care benefits her patients and why alignment of the spine is so critical to continued good health. She specializes in children and pregnant women all of who have their own special needs. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to keep or regain their health.”